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How To Invest in ICO ?-Carefully examine the project.

we advise you to read the Review before you start the investment of the projectReview ICO

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Read the information on the project website, consult the team and advisors, and read their backgrounds.

Check out the project’s social networks and blogs: are they frequently updated? Are they professionally managed?

If external investors are involved, see who they are. A large RC fund could indicate a project with a greater chance of success.

Read the white paper of the project; If it’s too technical, find an expert’s assessment or ask them to evaluate it.

Does the team already have a functional product? Maybe in beta or alpha phase? If possible, try it. A solid work product, or at least a proof of concept, could mean that the team is serious and potentially already ahead of their competitors in space.

Look closely at the terms and conditions of the ICO: Was there a significant discount before the sale? Is the total market capitalization and the amount of funds raised realistic and reasonable? For example, a company implementing a decentralized calendar application probably does not want to say half a billion dollars in funding.

What does the project roadmap look like? Does this sound realistic, or is it just a wish list?

See what social channels say. Check Slack, Reddit, Telegram, and more, but beware that there will be a lot of unreasonable shilling for the project, as well as quite clueless comments. Use common sense if something feels off, stay away from it.

What is the team’s plan for spending these ICO funds?

Mit ICOs kann jeder Benutzer mit Kryptowährungen in Projekte investieren, die er für vielversprechend hält. -Carefully examine the project.

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